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Appraisal and Expertise Services


What is Appraisal?

Appraisal is an assessment of the value of property represented in lands, buildings, movables and others, based on foundations and studies that combine experience and science for the purposes of buying, selling, mortgage, solidarity, exit, division, and insurance.

Appraisal processes are carried out only by a certified evaluation expert who specializes in evaluation and is known as an evaluation expert, who relies on international standards for evaluation and various methods and methods to reach the evaluation, and as a result provides an impartial, independent and objective opinion.

What is Expert?

For Expert, it depends on how the appropriate method is selected, and on what value is derived from science or weight ratios to reconcile the results between the methods used. Experts can judge the outcome based on experience.

Comibassal appraisers and experts are distinguished by their combination of experience and knowledge, as they are certified appraisers experts.

The accredited expert presents his evaluation with high professionalism in the form of a report known as “Appraisal Report”, where there are many reports such as a narrative report, a brief report, or a scheduled report, in which the expert explains the scientific and professional study to estimate the value of the property to be evaluated anywhere inside Egypt or abroad.

1. Production facilities.
2. Lands.
3. Semi-finished and finished products.
4. Infrastructures.
5. Equipment.
6. Buildings.
7. Raw material.
8. Other resources.
9. Transportation Means.
10. Factories.
11. Tourist Installation.
12. Hospitals.
13. Stores.


is the first to establish the professional rules for scientific evaluation and valuation
Where the management of the sector depends on technical experts and qualified engineers who hold the highest degrees
Study bikes in valuation and evaluation sciences in various disciplines
The tasks are carried out through two departments:

Where it primarily means:

  • Credit business related to the banking sector and the money market.
  • Technical and material evaluation of the assets and components of all activities and projects.
  • Preparing feasibility studies and studying investment opportunities.

Which means the following:

  • Inspection for the purpose of issuing insurance policies, as well as a report on damages resulting from accidents
    Concerning different types of insurance coverage.
  • Inspection, evaluation and determination of the value of damages for the aforementioned purposes.

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