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comibassalChemical Laboratories Services

Provides support services for inspection and testing activities as well as specialized services for different clients . It provides as well a wide variety of test services according to industrial standards. The tests carried out in these laboratories on samples submitted directly by the client or drawn by COMIBASSAL'S inspectors who are assigned to select representative random samples from the batch consigned to/from our client .

Microbiological analysis

of food products is the use of biological, biochemical, molecular or chemical methods for the detection, identification or enumeration of microorganisms in a material

Analysis of water chemistry

are carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of water samples

Chemical analysis

can determine the material composition and identification of your sample

Feed analysis

includes determination of chemical composition, physical properties, and botanical composition

Chemical Analysis

Analyzes are performed :
Moisture Content ( Oven ) Magnesium
Moisture Content ( KF )Phosphorus
Ash Content Fluoride
Test Weight Available Phosphorus
Silica ( Acid Insoluble Ash ) Lead
Sodium Chloride Manganese
Potassium ChlorideSieve Analysis
Visual Inspection In Cereals
Analysis workflow



Samplie preparation


Chemical analysis




Oil Analysis

Analyzes are performed :
Oil Content Titer
Moisture & Volatile Matter & Impurities Energy In Oil
Color by Love bond ( 5.25 inch ) Starch
Rancidity : - Peroxide Value - Free Fatty Acids & Acid Value Glycerol
Iodine ValueT.F.A ( Total Fatty Acids )
Saponification Value T. Fat
Unsaponification Value Phosphorus

Soap Analysis

Analyzes are performed :
Total Fatty MatterWater in Soluble Matter
Unsaponifeable Matter Rosen
Alcohol in Soluble Matter HatterChlorides
Moisture Total Free Alkalinity or Acidity

Assay Analysis

Analyzes are performed :
Lysine Aflatoxin B1
Methionine Iodine Solution
Choline Chloride Phenol Solution
Glycerol Sucrose
StarchSucrose In Fat
Invert Sugar
Lithopon - ZnS & ZnO -Formaldehyde Solution

Fodder Analysis

Analyzes are performed :
Fibers Energy In Fodder ( Pr + Fi + Oi + As + Mo )
Moisture Content ( Vaccum ) Carbohydrates
Protein ( On Wet ) Urease Activity Index
Protein ( On dry ) Urea ( Assay ) In Fodder
True Protein Sucrose In Fodder
Crude Protein ( On dry )Invert Sugar In Fodder
Rancidity In Fodder

Microbiological Tests

Analyzes are performed :
Total Bacterial CountE. Coli
Total Fungi CountStaph. Aureus
ColiformsThermophilic Bacterial Count
Faecal ColiformsThermophilic Anaerobic Sporformers
Faecal StreptSalmonella

To carry out agri-food analysis,


has opted for rapid microbiological methods that speed up time to results.

Chemical tests and analyzes of building materials and alloys
Chemical analysis of all kinds of cement .
Chemical analysis of sand - gravel – gypsum :

Chlorides - sulfates - organic matter at 550 °C The proportion of the child "soft materials"

Chemical analysis of concrete core components:

A - to determine its components (cement - sand - gravel or tooth)
B - Estimation of the ratios of chlorides - sulfates in relation to the weight of cement

Chemical analysis of calcareous soil - clay - gypsum :

SiO2 - Al2O3 - Fe2O3 - CaO - So3 - MgO - Cl & L.O.I

Chemical analysis of water used in concrete :

PH – TDS – OM – CaCo – MgCo3 – Cl – So4

Chemical analysis of different metal alloys :

White - copper - ferrous and non-ferrous

Paint samples "examination and validity test".
Samples of table salt sodium chloride :

NaCl – Na – K – Ca – Mg – Cl – So3 – In smatter
Moisture – Seive Analysis

Samples of galvanized sheet metal "normal - colored" determination of the weight of the galvanizing layer g/m2.
Chemical analysis of ferrosilicon alloys and silicon manganese alloy :

SiO2 – S – P – Mn – C – Seive Analyses

Chemical analysis of anthracite coal :

"Ash - Moisture - Seive Analyses - S"

Chemical analysis of yellow sulfur samples.
Chemical and microbiological analysis of water.
Comibassal Laboratories strictly adheres to the Quality Assurance / Quality Control plan and performs various other analyzes that may be required by our clients in order to meet the market needs.

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