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comibassalNon-destructive testing (NDT) Services

Testing and analysis technique used by industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component, structure or system for characteristic differences or welding defects and discontinuities without causing damage to the original part.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Comibassal serves many clients in the inspection of pressure vessels, cylinders and tanks aft according to the requirements of each client or his consulting engineer, and national or international specification code requirements .

ServicesNDT Services

NDT NDT Services

ServicesNDT Services

Visual Non-Destructive Testing is the act of collecting visual data on the status of a material. Visual Testing is the most basic way to examine a material or object without altering it in any way.

Radiography Non-Destructive Testing is the act of using gamma- or X-radiation on materials to identify imperfections.

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing is the process of transmitting high-frequency sound waves into a material in order to identify changes in the material’s properties.

Magnetic Particle Non-Destructive Testing is the act of identifying imperfections in a material by examining disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field within the material.

Dye Penetrant Penetrant Non-Destructive Testing (also called Liquid Penetrant Testing) refers to the process of using a liquid to coat a material and then looking for breaks in the liquid to identify imperfections in the material.


The most obvious answer to this question is that NDT is more appealing than destructive testing because it allows the material or object being examined to survive the examination unharmed, thus saving money and resources.

NDT is also appealing because almost all NDT techniques (except radiographic testing) are harmless to people.

NDT methods allow for the thorough and relatively quick evaluation of assets, which can be crucial for ensuring continued safety and performance on a job

NDT methods have been proven accurate and predictable, both qualities you want when it comes to maintenance procedures meant to ensure the safety of personnel and the longevity of equipment.


Non-destructive testing (NDT) Services

Our operations comply with stringent local and international Companies in fields of : Steel Constructions, Tanks, Pipes, Boiler Fire Tube, Power Gas, Boiler Water Tube, Thermol Oil ,Power Station

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